Get Safe Online launches tomorrow – it’s all about consumer awareness of security

I've been sat on my hands for weeks now as I've wanted to tell you all about WHY I've been rather quiet on the blog front. I've been working on the planning preparations and implementation for Microsoft's contribution to the UK Government's Security Consumer awareness programme - Get Safe Online - our aim - to spread "electronic common sense". 

Consumers don't generally leave their front doors wide open when going out for the day and yet some people do the electronic equivalent by not having a personal firewall enabled when they surf. Likewise patching, anti-virus and anti-phishing (by thinking about whether YOU SHOULD share your ATM PIN via a website for example) are areas that need increased awareness.

I'll share much more with you later in the coming days. For now I'd recommend having a look at the Get Safe Online website to find out more.

I appreciate that many of you are not based in the UK - you may still be able to reference some of the material to raise awareness in your geography.

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