Would you like to limit who can read your blog?

The audience in tonight's TechNet event asked whether there's an easy way to restrict who can access your blog - particularly if you'd like to limit the audience to be friends of your Children.

I know that some blog engines provide this granularity (such as www.blogger.com) - which ones do / which ones don't?

What's your experience of trying to restrict who can access such a blog?

Comments (4)

  1. John C. Kirk says:

    LiveJournal does – you can make entries "public" (for everyone), "friends only" (for some/all of the people on your friends list), or "private" (only you can read them). In the past, the main snag has been that other people need to have an LJ account to read your protected posts, but it looks like OpenID has solved that (although I haven’t played with it).

  2. nick says:

    LiveJournal allows you to limit access to posts to just groups of your "friends" (livejournal term for other users you’ve tagged), and you can define many different groups of friends. Any other LiveJournal powered system allows this too. If you’re running the blog on your own system, you can always use HTTP authentication to protect the whole of your blog.

  3. Xavier Ashe says:

    I use Blogware as you can set granularity on catagories and RSS feeds. I like LJ’s better because there is a better chance of someone already having an LJ account as opposed toa Blogware account.

  4. Louise says:

    Glad to see the blogging event was a sucess Steve. MSN spaces is a good tool to recommend for kids if you want to control who can see their blog. Have three options Public (anyone can see), Private (only your MSN messenger contacts can see), or Restricted (only specific contacts that you select from MSN messenger can see).

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