Right now I’m teaching about Blogging to a TechNet audience

Eileen Brown and I are teaching a room full of people (perhaps you!) about the wonders of Blogging.

Details of upcoming events can be found here

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  1. Matt Dickins says:

    tbh, blogging isn’t exactly the hardest thing to do! —————————– P.S. Do you know the true TechNet dates?

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi Matt> It’s surprising how many jargon terms we (bloggers) all use that others don’t understand.

    http://www.technorati.com for example is so powerful and yet the whole concept was new most non-bloggers.

    True TechNet dates? What do you mean? Please explain what you’re looking for.



  3. Matt Dickins says:

    *Gets a little surprised* would have thought to most computer people would have thought them fine, experimentation e.t.c. Every I ever do on the computer is experimentation, and my blog… well the main fun/challenge was installing that on my webserver, which didn’t take too long. But I’ll take your word for it. Technet> TechNet UK thingy, thing I was at this year in Edinburgh. Do you have the dates for next year? Cheers

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi Matt> We are planning next year’s Roadshow at the moment – I’ll blog about it as plans mature

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