I’m going to a "Girl Geek Dinner" tomorrow night in London!

No I'm not a girl! Chaps are allowed to go if invited. Details of the "Girl Geek Dinner" can be found here. The usual suspects have kindly arranged the dinner - it's a Mexican Buffet to be held in Central London.

Can Girls be Geeks? Before you flame me I'm not saying that they can't! IMHO the stereotypical view of a Geek is an overweight single man who doesn't get out much, has a love of fast food and poor social skills. In fact such people would be totally intimidated by the thought of a gathering of Girls! Isn't a "Girl Geek Dinner" an oxymoron?

I look forward to reporting otherwise.

Comments (4)

  1. John Steele says:

    I would agree that a gathering of girls would scare the hell out of any (‘sterotypical’) geek but what is a stereotypical geek? General concensus in my office is that a geek is a skinny guy with glasses, usually seen sitting alone in the tea room after he has driven everyone else away.

  2. Matt Dickins says:

    JOhn > After he has driven everyone else away… did he hot wire it.. car hacking. My impression of a geek is either skinny + glasses, possibly a pony tail or short and fat but with agile coding fingers 🙂 Unfortunately I’m inbetween!

  3. Matt Dickins says:

    Does Eileen Brown actually know who you are steve?!!! lol

  4. Katherine Coombs says:

    Steve Lamb: "I look forward to reporting otherwise." Katherine Coombs: "And I look forward to reading otherwise." 🙂

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