My poor neglected blog

Ode to my blog. Why haven't I payed you the attention you deserve in the last couple of weeks? To say I've been charging around speaking at countless events whilst true is not an excuse. I will make it up to thee.

Last week I spoke @ the Triple i convention in Silversone (yes the race track - we could hear the RedBull F1 team practising - very distracting!) to an audience of senior IT folk, FinSec
(Enterprise Security for Financial Institutions) in Canary Wharf and for the UCISA (University and Colleges Information Systems Association) at St Annes College Oxford.

Thank you to Stuart Okin(former Chief Security Advisor for MSFT UK - now an Associate Partner @ Accenture) for very kindly taking me for a flight in a very small airplane and being mad enough to let me have a go!

Proper technical posts ARE on the way as I know some of you don't like the "human pieces" and will have your wafers in a pickle by now or have even tuned out!

And before anyone comments - "NO my work isn't usually as exciting as this!"

Comments (4)

  1. ChrisDay says:

    Nice Hi-Vis jacket, Steve *grin*

  2. Jayne Ross says:

    I thought you were joking! Letting you fly is the scariest thing since the Wurzels! 🙂

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    FOR EVERYONE EXCEPT JAYNE> The Wurzels reference is from an event where I played "Don’t look back in Anger" covered by the Wurzels as the introduction music – it sounded somewhat different to the Oasis version! I went on to delve into the wonders of cryptography – I thought it was a nice contrast

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