So many conferences, so little time

I'm really enjoying meeting so many of you at so many security conferences. In the last couple of weeks I've spoken @ the following:

* Live on BBC Radio Berkshire - this one wasn't security related

* Henley School of Management - "Security for Mere Mortals"

* TechNet Security Evening covering Security Configuration Wizard and how to combat Malware

* The IEE "IT Security: It's not all trust"

Thank you to everyone involved in making the events such a success and to all those of you who engaged in debate.

I'm speaking at another event tomorrow and several next week including FinSec and ISACA @ Oxford University

For me the end of the conference season will be IT Forum @Barcelona in November where I'm hosting a Chalk 'n' Talk on Malware with Jesper.

I look forward to meeting many more of you before turning in my clicker for another season!

Comments (2)

  1. Laurence Sharp says:

    Steve Having attended more than one of your presentations, can I say thank you for all your efforts to make them both entertaining and informative I’m sure that the picture posted in your next blog wasn’t taken at one of your sessions. Also congratulations to your wife on her MSc Looking forward to meeting up with you again in Barcelona Regards Laurence

  2. Matt Dickins says:

    I would give a finger and a toe for your job (just in case Bill G comes along to cut of my arm and leg to sell them!) yet doesn’t it rather repetetive on the whole?

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