Here are some great Cheat Sheets and here is why I love the term "Ego Surfing" and what on Earth is Technorati anyway

I've just been reading KC's blog post about Cheat sheets - it's well worth a look as the site he links to contains summaries of all kinds of useful information - the list is almost endless - well worth a look.

I've heard the term "Ego Surfing" many times recently and for those of you who many not be familiar with it I'll explain...

Believe it or not there are people out there (mainly prominent/aspiring prominent bloggers in my experience) who are actually vain enough to search the web for their own name! Hard to believe I know. OK confession time, I Ego Surf from time to time. It's quite useful as a blog author to find out who's talking about things you've posted as you can find "new friends" (or enemies!) who have picked up things you've said/posted and taken the debate further. I firmly believe that there are many people out on the blogsphere who are way smarter than I and who have more experience of topics that interest me. I blog about purely things that interest me so you can see how it's useful to see who's talking about the same things.

I use Technorati a great deal to find out what (and who) is being talked about on the Internet when researching interesting topics. Famous bloggers such as Robert Scoble (on of the most prolific blog authors) use this technique together with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) to keep abreast of developements out there on the Internet. RSS is handy as through "Ego Surfing" one tends to end up with an unmanageably long list of interesting blogs to read on a daily basis. RSS aggregators scan blogs (chosen by you) on the reader's behalf and provide an easily digestable summary of the content.

Thanks to my aggregator I know about Robert's latest post where he interviews Microsoft's first employee on Channel 9 - that's a site stuffed full of media files obtained by Robert (and friends) wandering around Campus with a video camera - hence it's full of interesting interviews with those that actually build stuff and manage it's destiny including Steve Balmer et al.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay… I confess that I was “ego surfing” a few minutes ago.. after I read Steve Lamb’s…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay… I confess that I was “ego surfing” a few minutes ago.. after I read Steve Lamb’s post on the subject…..

  3. Eileen_Brown says:

    KC is currently "PREGNANT" with "HER" 2nd child. Methinks your S key skipped a beat…

  4. Jonathan Hardwick says:

    Um, that would be the site *she* links to 🙂

  5. Steve Lamb says:

    I’m a MUPPET – apologies to KC!

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