My thoughts are with the people of New Orleans…

I was fortunate enough to spend a week in New Orleans last year which makes it all the more chilling to hear the horror stories of those caught up in the grip of the flood waters. The television showed the street my hotel was on - I could hardly recognise it - the street name seemed unusual at the time - now it seems horribly apt as it was named "Canal Street".

It's so easy to take for granted the essentials of life such as food and clean water - events like this make me realise just how precious they are.

I feel helpless from here and hope that the relief effort kicks in soon.

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  1. R. James Reid says:

    There is no question as to the magnatude of the grief and sorrow now being experienced by the poor and dishartened people of New Orleans. My hope is that as people of faith sttend their houses of worship this weekend they will open their hearts to help those in most need of help. Let Americans show the world that we are a charitable and loving nation. We care for our own as well as others.

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