"I’m a Geek" interview with the BBC

The BBC have recorded a series of very short film clips as part of their "Video Nation" programme - the series is named "BBC Voices" and highlights of it may be used on radio and television in the UK during the week of 22nd August.

My film clip looks at what is means to be a Geek! 

My colleague Angus also recorded a film clip talking about acronyms

Comments (7)

  1. Matt Dickins says:

    LMFAO, keep it up. The world must be informed 🙂

  2. Graham Chastney says:

    Nice. Not sure whether it will be good for us geeks or not. Surely, though, as a Microsoft person – you are NERD.

  3. Steve Lamb says:

    Hi Matt> What does LMFAO mean?

  4. Steve Lamb says:

    Graham> Embrace your inner Geek! Nerd/Geek – all the same to me. Do you see a difference?

  5. Matt Dickins says:

    Steve, these are the most common acronyms in IM, forums e.t.c. (awesome list made by me).

    http://www.ukhdtv.net/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=347#347 Graham I don’t neccesarily a Microsoft employee is a geek. I think Steve had quite a good def. in his vid. Is the guy who goes along each day at MS Reading with a hawk (or some
    other bird of prey) to scare of the pigeons a geek? I don’t think so – he’s employed by MS. But I think we can call Steve a geek ;).

  6. Steve Lamb says:

    Another way of looking at it is that a Geek is an enthusiast – typically being so absorbed in the subject that most other people wouldn’t get it

  7. Solynna says:

    I love your stuff, good job!!!

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