Find out how Malware works and how to stop Spyware and Rootkits.

The next TechNet Security event in the UK is on the 8th September - we don't run events over the peak Summer holiday period - this seems like a long way in the future but I'm sure it will be here in no time. You will get the opportunity to discuss these hot topics with your peers as well as with me.

Click here to access the details and sign up for this free session in Reading. I'm presenting both sessions and look forward to

Session 1: Understanding and Fighting Malware: Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits. Today's internet is fraught with peril in the form of undesirable and malicious software. These types of software continue to evolve new ways of propogating and ways of embedding themselves more deeply into the systems they infect. In this session you'll gain an understanding of their propagation methods, including buffer overflow exploits, how to detect them and how to prevent them. You'll also get a first-hand look at rootkits, which are the sophisticated tools and techniques by which malware attempts to avoid and prevent detection.

Session 2: Security Configuration Wizard in Windows Server 2003 SP1. This interesting new wizard can help you author, tailor and apply security policy. As with any security policy tool it can also completely disable your network. This session discusses the internals of the security configuration wizard and how to make use of it. We cover how it relates to other security policy tools and resources, such as the Security Configuration Editor, Group Policy, and the Security Guides. We also discuss the idea of role-based security policy and how you can best leverage it to protect your Windows network.

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