Check out the audio from Seth’s talk at the Marketing Soiree

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The Marketing Soiree was a very interesting community event. The audio of Seth Godin's talk together with the Q&A is available here. He had fun with each person that wished to ask a question - he made them wear a very unflattering plastic nose - and of course each is available for all the world to see via the wonders of

The focus of the talk was examining how we use the TV style advertising methodology whereby messages are inflicted upon the consumer in the hope that they'll feel compelled to purchase. Evidence shows that we are much more choosy these days, have pretty much infinite choice and given the choice will fast forward through the adverts. Seth discussed an alternative way of promoting ideas which involved getting the consumer to tell your story following good experience.

Seth's blog is really interesting too.

Thanks to Lloyd Davis for providing the following image:

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  1. Lloyd Davis says:

    Steve, thanks very much for linking to the audio. Nice to see my pic here too – please don’t stop sharing my stuff! All I’d ask is that you give an attribution link on the photo in accordance with the CC license it’s released under – just so others know and can share it alike themselves 😀 Cheers!

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Lloyd – sorry for not adding an attribution link – I’m all for making sure credit goes where it’s due. I’ve not heard of the term before and am not quite sure if the edit I’ve made is what you had in mind – please let me know as I’m keen to get this right.

  3. Lloyd Davis says:

    Thanks Steve, that’s great – just "Photo by Lloyd Davis" with a link would have been fine, but I’m never one to turn down ‘thanks’ as well!

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