Don’t fall for the email scam titled "I EXPECT YOUR REPLY"

Earlier today I received an email titled "I EXPECT YOUR REPLY ." - the body text suggested that by replying I'd receive a huge sum of money. Clearly this is a scam. Don't reply as doing so would confirm that your email address is valid/live and hence you may receive (more) spam.

Comments (2)

  1. Mihir Solanki says:

    I too received similar email few days back .. all cr&p … never reply.

  2. Matt Dickins says:

    It annoys me how obvious those emails are. Through one of my catchall addresses on a domain and another specific email address, I get in the region of 50 spam emails a day – all which are blatently faked to install malware or get my bank details (or a combination of both). It’s obviously profitable (although practically nil in overheads… a domain (or even just use the IP addy… particularly good if similar to fake like paipal or similar + hosting to host the malware or identity theft forms) and by turning infected computers (cause people are not informed enough about security so click them) into zombies to spam further people. Like the London bombing worm (

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