I’ve fixed a config problem with my blog so now you can post comments

Several of you have sent me email complaining that you were unable to post comments to my blog - my apologies but I had a configuration problem in my blog set up - thanks to Eileen for helping me fix the problem.

For me the beauty of blogging is that I can learn from your feedback and engage in public discussion - please feel free to post comments to any of my previous posts as I find them interesting and I'd like to respond to your input.

One person sent me an email stating that they must be "as stupid as a box of rocks" as they couldn't find the comment button - I guess I should climb into said box as it was my fault!

Comments (3)

  1. tony says:

    no really I am stupider then a box of rocks!! At least thats what everybody tells me..

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    A box of rocks couldn’t work a browser – could it?!

  3. tonyr says:

    if a million monkeys …. I won’t go there!

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