When are TechNet heading to a town near you?

People often ask me when TechNet plan to host security events North of London. I was born in Yorkshire and hence am well aware that we should head outside of the South East when we can.

Well as you may be aware the Technical roadshow has already visited Edinburgh, next stop is Birmingham on 24th & 25th May followed by Harrogate on the 1st & 2nd June and finally visiting London on 7th & 8th June. The roadshow covers far more than just security - my colleagues Eileen, Matt, John, Matthew and Mike will be speaking about a wide range of topics as will the MSDN developer team.

More details of the roadshow can be found here <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3037543>

More good news is that Rafal Lukawiecki has agreed to host two one day seminars titled "Holistic Security and Digital Trust". The first event takes place at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 21st June. The same event is run once again on the 22nd June in Reading. The registration site is now open and the event is free of charge - all you have to do is click here <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3037544> to sign book your place.

The registration website includes full details of both the session and Rafal's credentials. He's a passionate presenter with a vast range of practical experience. Some of you may have joined him for sessions at IT Forum and TechEd where he's consistently voted the top security speaker. I thoroughly enjoy hearing Rafal speak as he explains things so clearly AND he's funny too.

Whether you are new to information security or even if you're a veteran you'll find the seminar useful. Rafal will explain from a process-oriented perspective how to deal with the threats that face your infrastructure. He looks at risk assessment across the entire infrastructure rather than obsessing about a small number of specific areas as many of us tend to do. By joining the seminar you'll learn how to conduct risk assessment with the minimum of fuss/effort, find out how to save yourself time and communicate the priorities to your management and technical people via threat modelling.

Microsoft's Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) has been a fundamental component of our trustworthy computing initiative - changing the way we build software to make it more resilient - Threat Modelling plays a large part in the success of this cultural change. Rafal will show you how you can adopt this powerful technique in your organisation. The concepts are equally applicable to both infrastructure and development.

Rafal will also demystify cryptography(one of his favourite subjects) and Public Key Infrastructure. I remember IT Forum last November where Rafal hosted the last session of the day at the end of the week and explained to a hundreds of people just how crypto actually works.

The seminar will also share many best practises that you will be able to apply to your environments to proactively protect your information assets. The emphasis being to take control rather than constantly deal with emergencies. The techniques will enable you to apply the defence in depth to protect your assets by preventing entire classes of attacks.

I'll be posting information to my weblog on many of these topics and provide you with information about further best practises and events throughout the year. My weblog can be found here <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3037545>

For more details of the roadshow click here <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3037546>

For more details on the Holistic Security and Digital Trust seminar click here <http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=3037547>



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