Industry Insiders are looking for contributions

Industry Insiders is the term given to an outreach activity that the team(Microsoft's IT Pro Evangelists in the UK) are engaged in to help bring together technical experts in the ITPro Community and provide a high visibility forum for them to share their thoughts and advice regarding how to make the most of the technology that companies and IT Pro's have already invested in.

I know that many of you have a great deal of experience in solving real world problems using technology. I'm painfully aware that vendors(Microsoft included) often talk about their products in isolation from the real world in which you actually deploy them. I'm also aware that you may actually have some software that wasn't written by Microsoft in your environment!

I see Industry Insiders are as great way for you to learn from other people's experience and for you to get the credit/visibility for the ideas you have and solutions you've put together for real world problems. To view articles detailing the suggestions and experience of the first Industry Insiders simply browse to the Industry Insider website.

We're looking for contributions from anyone who has some practical advice they'd like to share with the broader community. If YOU'd like to be involved then please email or read the "contributions" section of the website OR feel free to contact me at an event/online.

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