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I'll be at the InfoSec show in London Olympia(full details are available at next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday(26th to 28th April) on the Microsoft Stand and presenting a session on our free seminar programme. I'm really keen to speak to anyone who'd like to discuss security matters and specifically those who'd like to join our "Insider" community.

By joining the Industry Insider community you will gain a highly visible forum(an area of Technet) on to which you can post articles about your specialist subject. You may ask "what's in it for Microsoft? - quite simply we're keen to encourage debate in the wider technical community which leads to information being shared with the general public which helps them get the most from their technology investment.

Take security for example. Microsoft Windows has a vast range of security features and functions which can help you to reduce the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. The challenge is that some people are unaware of the capabilities of the software they already have. Windows for example includes the capability to prevent unauthorised software from executing(via Software Restriction Policies) regardless of how it's introduced to the system - worm, virus, email attachement, USB, whatever.

The Industry Insider community is certainly not restricted to security specialists, Eileen Brown, Mat Stephen and John Howard are looking for specialists in the areas of Messaging, Management, Data and Platform. Notice we're using general terms such as "Messaging" rather than Microsoft Exchange as the aim of the Insider community is to help address the bigger picture rather than simply Microsoft's contribution.

If you're going to be at the show or are in the area please come and say "hello" & let's talk about this in person.

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