What is Project Endurance? – the National High Tech Crime Unit’s Tony Neate explains

A number of Bloggers(including Thomas Lee and Mark Osbourn) have been discussing both Project Endurance and the recent posting of the UK Government's Security Awareness site. As early as last Autumn The Register posted a good summary of the project.

Tony Neate(Head of Industry Liasion for the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit) is speaking @ the National Information Security Conference(www.nisc.org.uk) which runs from 18th - 20th May in Scotland. Tony 's session will include an update on Project Endurance which he describes as "a Law Enforcement, Government and Private Sector imitative to inform and educate computer users." I've been involved with a little of the planning for the project & am pleased to see information finally reaching the public domain. Incidentally Microsoft aren't speaking @ the NISC conference though we do work closely with the NHTCU.

Tony is an informative and engaging speaker - his session is advertised as follows:

"The Evolution of Hi-Tech Crime"
Tony Neate, NHTCU
Synopsis: Tony Neate is the Head of Industry Liaison for the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit's Crime, he will provide delegates with an up-to-date view of the Unit's activities in its fight against organised crime's involvement in Internet-based attacks against businesses and on-line users around the world. Delegates will learn about the latest on-line crime threats and trends for the future; they will receive a copy of the NHTCU's report on the Impact of Hi-Tech Crime on UK business during 2004 and they will gain an understanding of what measures they can adopt to better protect their organisation from these threats. Tony will also update the conference on the work of Project Endurance, a Law Enforcement, Government and Private Sector imitative to inform and educate computer users.

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