I’m in a cool discussion on Blogging by Robert Scoble

Robert’s talking to a whole bunch of folk who want to blog but are terrified!

I find Blogging’s a little like a first date – pretty scary ahead of time, generally lots of fun when you stop worring and get on with it – of course that’s not the case with all first dates!!!!!

I am staggered by the following:

*how scared most people are of starting a blog – I know I was.

*how easy it is to blog

*how addictive blogging is

*how blogging saves me time due to the dramatic reduction of my reliance on email – discussion on my blog’s far more useful too as anyone can read/contribute to the discussion

Thanks to everyone that’s helped me overcome my fear including Betsy, Robert & Eileen

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  1. HELEN says:

    I threw up on a first date once. Fortunately I’ve never thrown up while blogging. 🙂