Microsoft Anti-spyware Beta software is ready for you to try – it’s on time following the Giant acquisition

Michael Swanson beat me to it blogging about the availability of the beta code - if you've not already seen it I recommend checking out his article for an excellent overview.

The beta code itself can be freely downloaded from here.

Our internal testing has demonstrated that it's a useful tool in the battle against spyware and malicious code.

Time to try it for yourself & please give feedback.


Comments (3)

  1. Chris Pimentel says:

    I downloaded the beta this morning and thought it was great. However, I have mixed feeling about the results. The program identifies my company’s software, and another type of software I like, as dangerous.

    When I read about the acquisition of Giant two weeks ago my initial feeling was that this new system would clean up the on-line environment and that MS would be more fair about how they classified groups. Spyware removal companies that sell their products target software that receives wide distribution, as they have incentive to so, and are often, themselves, spyware. MS should be above this type of thing, but a new concern is now lurking – How do I actually get Microsoft to hear me and change or act on anything. Getting someone to respond is difficult enough…Getting the right contact at Microsoft and then getting that person to actually look at what we do and implement a change seems rather daunting. At present there seems to be nobody for me to contact or talk to about this issue.

    Anybody have any ideas?

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    Chris – My role @ Microsoft is to work with you and the rest of the community to share information and direct feedback to the correct people internally.

    Please either provide feedback via comments on this Blog or feel free to email me ( Comments to the Blog are ideal as I’m sure the rest of the community will be interested and may add their own thoughts too – debate is often a good way to achieve consensus.



  3. Jens Churchill says:

    I run with the startmenu bar vertically aligned to the righthand side of the screen in a dual monitor setup. Now when one of these informational/confirmational dialogs appear, it rapidly flies across the screen and back (bottom to top to bottom), there’s no time to workout what the message says. I noticed that if I manage to trigger a mouse over event on it it stops, and will continue when onmouseexit, so I figured it was by (bad) design but hacing just installed it on my laptop with the startmenu aligned to the bottom end of the screen this behavoir isn’t reproduced.

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