Who do you go to for security advice?

Do you have experience of participating in User Groups? Which ones would you recommend? Are they free of charge? Are there particular people you go to for security advice? What about security blogs – which do you find most useful?  


January’s free Security Webcasts for IT Pros, Executives and Developers

There’s a wealth of webcasts that are coming up in January – they’re all free of course. If you’re an IT Professional and would like to broaden your understanding of developer issues then I suggest viewing some of their sessions (listed @ the end of this post) and vica versa. There’s a complete list of…


Windows Server 2003 and XP SP2 have achieved Common Criteria EAL4 – here’s a measure of how secure Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP are

Moments ago this information hit the press in the form of a press release and white paper that you can read by clicking here. Please take a look at the white paper to view the full details of this announcement – here is a brief summary… To quote from the white paper “The independent certification…


Will my software break under Windows Server R2?

As John Howard mentions in his post Windows Server R2 is entirely based on Windows Server SP1 – it simply adds features and includes some code updates. The design goal of R2 was to bring additional features without changing the Kernel so as to ensure maximum application compatibility and minimal integration testing cycles for you. There…


Enhanced Security in Visual Studio 2005

As you may already be aware there are a vast array of security features in Visual Studio 2005 which take the pain out of writing secure code – I’ll explain more another time. Earlier this week I installed Visual Studio 2005 (Professional Edition) on my Windows Vista (VS) Beta 1 machine. I hadn’t touched a…


Running Virtual Server R2 on Windows Vista

This is not a supported configuration nor am I recommending you to try this at home/work HOWEVER I’m happily running Virtual Server R2 (pre-release version) on Windows Vista Beta 1 – I’m runnning the beta that’s available from the MSDN subscriber centre. I haven’t yet managed to network my virtual clients with the external interfaces…


Windows Server Release 2 (R2) is available for download

The official launch of Windows Server 2003 R2 (Release 2) took place earlier this week (Tuesday 6th December) – we’d planned to make the software available for download immediately available though unfortunately there was a short delay in getting the RTM (Release To Manufacture) code online. If you’d like to find out what’s in R2…


What sessions would you like to see at TechNet?

We’re planning next year’s TechNet events at the moment and at present the following topics will be added to the security track: * An additional PKI session where we drill into secure email (S/MIME) in more depth * A session covering Quarantine for secure remote access * Deep coverage of Windows Rights Management – we’ll…


Make sure you get your wireless security passphrase right on Windows Vista

This won’t come as a surprise for those of you who’ve read many of my blog entries or who’ve discussed security with me directly but I have a somewhat obtuse Wireless Protected Access (WPA) passphrase and I’ve just mistyped it on my newly built Windows Vista client machine – I want to share with you…