Poetic Justic – the Register advocates XP SP2


I'm not saying that it's good that anyone's been hacked, simply that publicity to get people to install XP SP2 is a good thing.

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  1. damien morton says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. Poetic Justice? Justice has been served on The Register? For what transgression?

    If anything, its their readers, who are using internet explorer who have suffered this ‘poetic justice’.

    Noet that their readers using browsers other than internet explorer have not suffered this ‘poetic justice’.

    Frankly I see neither poetry nor justice in any of this.

    """ If you may have visited The Register between 6am and 12.30pm GMT on Saturday, Nov 20 using any Windows platform bar XP SP2 we strongly advise you to check your machine with up to date anti-virus software, to install SP2 if you are running Windows XP, and to strongly consider running an alternative browser, at least until Microsoft deals with the issue."""

  2. Peter da Silva says:

    The Register recommends upgrading to and installing the latest version of Windows, with the latest security fixes, if you’re running Windows. That’s not advocacy, that’s just common sense.

  3. Phil Scott says:

    An iframe vulnerbility has been announced for Windows XP sp2. Watch out…

  4. Kristoffer Henriksson says:

    The only part I found noteworthy about this article is that it appears that this flaw has only been fixed in XP sp2. Kinda sad that unless you want to spend money on an operating system upgrade you are left out in the cold.

  5. Kyle Baley says:

    I wouldn’t really call attention to the fact that they recommend upgrading to the latest version because of serious security flaws in the previous versions.

  6. Jonathan Hardwick [MSFT] says:

    "Poetic justice" is more applicable to the Register publishing a slashdotty security scare piece about all the "useless" services that SP2 leaves turned on(http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/02/winxpsp2_security_review/), and then having to follow it up with an article begging readers not to turn them off, because they break Windows (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/14/reg_readers_windows/).

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