How to get around CISCO’s Security Agent!

Steve Riley’s Blog includes the following post which just shows that even brand new security software can be circumvented. “A vulnerability exists in which a properly timed buffer overflow attack may evade the protections offered by CSA. The system under attack must contain an unpatched underlying vulnerability in system software that CSA is configured to…


Securing Wireless LANs with PEAP and Passwords

There’s a wealth of excellent prescriptive Guidance from Microsoft Consultants which is available for free download at The wireless guide explains how to secure both large scale Enterprise networks and smaller scale networks. Here’s an except: “Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) technology is a controversial topic. Organizations that have deployed WLANs are concerned…


Why isn’t the Firefox code signed?

I’m having a look @ Firefox and have noticed that the code is not signed and therefore it’s theoretically possible for a trojan to have been inserted in it.


Poetic Justic – the Register advocates XP SP2 I’m not saying that it’s good that anyone’s been hacked, simply that publicity to get people to install XP SP2 is a good thing.



William Luu’s feedback to my last post makes a great deal of sense – “They’re just trying to boost their websites’ Google Rank. It could very well be one of those bots/scripts doing the rounds” I’ve looked more closely at the site and can confirm that it doesn’t attempt to execute code on the client machine…


Blog Spam / Phishing / Harvesting

Many Blogs are receiving feedback with links to the following URL – DO NOT FOLLOW THIS LINK(that’s why I’ve left off the http:// prefix) “”. Typical entries have the title of “Great article” with text along the following lines: “Great Site! Keep it up!Great site,keep it up, thanks !Here is my site, you can found some…


Hacking Vodka!

I came across the following post on slashdot Hacking Vodka Posted by michael on Saturday November 20, @12:06AMfrom the everclear dept.enrico_suave writes “A group of geeks aimed to find out whether running cheap vodka through a brita water filter would make it drinkable. They claim after several passes through the filter the cheap vodka surpassed the…


Don’t rely upon 802.1X to secure your wired networks!

Steve Riley gave a fasinating session @ IT Forum where he commented that 802.1X for wired networks would not solve as many security problems as people perceive. 802.1X does NOT authenticate each packet (unlike IPSEC ESP-null) and hence WITH PHYSICAL ACCESS to the wires it’s possible for a hacker to place a hub between the 802.1X…