To all my Fans and subscribers…

UPDATE [2015-12-12]

The BLOG migration has finished and I'm now on the new platform!

A redirection should automatically bring you to the new location but just in case:


hello all,

due to an upcoming change in the TechNet Blog systems, my blog and posts will be soon migrated to the new platform maybe this week or the week after etc.
and it is possible, that the email subscriptions will not be migrated with the blog.

That means to receive email notification again after the migration it will be required to recreate the email subscription. Please watch up the change (you will notice it in a different view and style  ,-)
and once happened, please go ahead and subscribe again just to be sure, you will receive latest updates in future as well.

Thanks for your loyalty up to now and hopefully in future too


Cheers, Steve


Comments (2)

  1. Hello Piotr,

    as said above, I don’t know how it will behave, I just noticed from some other peers that have been migrated already that the subscriber feeds stopped working on their blogs. You have then to resubscribe, once finished.

    But what I will do once the migration has rolled out to my blog, I’ll post a fresh announcement similar to this one, and then you can watch out whether the other feeds still comes in or not.
    Thanks for your trust and relation 😉

    Stay tuned!

  2. Piotr Siódmak says:

    Hope my technet blog rss feeds don't stop working. I rely heavily on them (I've got a few blogs on my feed list).

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