Time goes by so my Blog’s lifecycle too… moving soon…

Hello all,

I know I owe you all a lot of posts but since I moved to Fasttrack role, the customer onboarding journey stream never ended and took all of my time and attention.
Now after 2+ years, I was thinking of posting some new articles but noticed, that I am forced to "move my blog" to a new location.

No worries for all my previous posts, they will be preserved with the same title etc., just a new URL!

Although now in Fasttrack doesn't mean I dont post about SharePoint any longer but it may now slightly vary across all the workloads that are Part of O365, not only SharePoint.

May be more Sharepoint Online and its new cool features around "modernization" nowadays or a bit more about OneDrive as it is also evolving to a very cool "tool" so to say 😉

However, I'll start publishing my "new" posts soonest on the new location and will let you know where to go once all is set 😉

Stay tuned, I will post soon the new location and URL and a redirection should be also inplace at some time later,
so you are all fine - you wont loose the archived posts 😉

It will be all migrated!

** Update May 9th, 2019 **

The new location for my Blog is now here: https://steve-chen.blog/
All new posts will go there!
So come over and subscribe to my new Blog 😉


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