SPS2010 AskMeAbout Webpart exception thrown

Recently we have found a new issue with the “My Profile” page and there especially with the “AskMeAbout – Web part”.

How found?

You have installed a SharePoint 2010 (Build 5123 or higher) in english and additionally you have installed the SharePoint language packs for i.e. german and/or french. The metadata service and the user profile service is running and My Sites are configured.

When you go to the managed metadata service page and change the default language to any other language than english (in this example: german), this will have an affect the way metadata is dipslayed on documents and lists.


Changing the default language of the term store can take some minutes and may also produce many more labels due to the language settings you are using.

Now what’s the Issue?

Once you have changed the default language of the term store to i.e. german,  now go to the “My Profile” page and click the “edit my profile”


On the Editor’s page, now go to the “Ask me about…” section (in german:  “Fragen”) as shown below:


type in any question or phrase and click the “save and close”.

You’ll note, that it takes about 2mins.to render the page and finally ends up in this error:


Which means in english:   “An unexpected error has occured….”

If you have modified the web.config page to see the complete callstack, then the error will be shown like this:


You’ll find this also in the ULS logs: 

11.17.2010 13:52:24.50    w3wp.exe (0x0918)    0x1340    SharePoint Portal Server    Runtime    7pma    Exception    Unhandled exception caught during execution of Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.PageBase::ErrorHandler(). Exception information: Exception information: Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPartException: Thread was being aborted. —> System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.    
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.AskMeAboutWebPart.RenderValues(HtmlTextWriter writer, Int32 startIndex, Int32 endIndex)    
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.AskMeAboutWebPart.RenderWebPart(HtmlTextWriter writer)    
at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.WebPart.Render(HtmlTextWriter writer)    
at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.SPChrome.RenderPartContents(HtmlTextWriter output, WebPart part) […]

11.17.2010 13:52:24.53    w3wp.exe (0x0918)    0x1340    SharePoint Foundation    Runtime    tkau    Unexpected    System.Web.HttpException: Request timed out.    edf2567b-f639-459b-aa76-118373cf129e


This is a known issue (AskMeAbout Web-Part exception on MySite with NON-English settings) and is currently under investigation.


The only current available workaround is to reset the default language in the term store back to english and after a refresh, the My Profile page will render as expected without error.

This issue is tentatively estimated to be fixed with the februar CU 2011. The according KB-articles will be found here KB 2479795; 2479794

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cheers, Steve

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