SharePoint 2016 June CU

SharePoint Server 2016 updates

Build Number: 16.0.4393.1000

KB 3115181 – SharePoint Server CU (global*)

KB 3115184 – SharePoint Server CU (localized/language dependent*)

After installing the CU, we still need to run the SharePoint 2016 Products Configuration Wizard.

If you want to use the command line with psconfig.exe please read first “Why I prefer PSCONFIGUI.EXE over PSCONFIG.EXE”

Not sure which Build version actually is yet running?  Try this: SharePoint Server 2016 Patch Build Numbers Powershell Module


* global means: fix will apply to all languages;
* language dependent means: fixes in the language dependent files (i.e. resx, javascript files containing "text" in the respective language, etc.).

You need to install always both fixes even if no language packs are used, because the base product also comes with a language which needs the language dependent fix.

SharePoint related security fixes:




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