SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Command Builder

just wanna’ make you aware of a new “feature”,   the  Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder  ,-)

It’s a nice, comfort tool to help you to interact directly with SharePoint-based web applications, site collections, sites, lists, and much more.

Here is a "screenshot:



The Windows PowerShell Command Builder for SharePoint 2010 Products and Office 365 is a Silverlight application that enables IT pros and power users to visually assemble commands in the browser and then take those commands to their respective products.

The administrator has the ability to script cmdlets (pronounced “command-lets”), which makes for an improved experience in administering SharePoint 2010 Products.

The following cmdlets are available for SharePoint Server 2010:

See the Index of SharePoint Server 2010 Windows PowerShell cmdlets for lists of Windows PowerShell cmdlets in verb order and noun order.



For additional information, see the Getting Started Guide and the main post  Windows PowerShell for SharePoint Command Builder  .

Have fun!

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cheers, Steve

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