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  1. haris says:

    Hi Steve.

    Thanks for all of your posts Mr.Steve.

    Please Keep posting

  2. Tyler King says:

    Do you know if Microsoft is coming out with a hotfix for the errors and when? It is causing the error log to fill up within minutes.

  3. Jasper Siegmund says:

    Hello Steve,

    I think you missed one step; recreating the User Profile Service. Before that you can't start the Profile Sync service again.

    After installing the october CU, I also seem to have problems with the person.aspx page located under the my site root. Do you perhaps have an idea on how to fix that?

  4. jremmc says:

    Hello Steve,

    Worked great, thanks!

  5. Hi Jasper,

    yes you're right, I already corrected the missing step and updated the post.

    Regarding your "person.aspx" problem, you should check the ULS logs for any hints on that. Unfortunately you have not written more details on the problem and what behavior it shows, can you provide more details on what the problem exactly is?

    Check also my other post about "Troubleshooting User Profile Sync Issues on SharePoint 2010

    " posted on 13-10-2010. Maybe you'll find some more info there that miuht help you investigate your issue further.

    thnx, Steve

  6. Hi Tyler,

    unfortunately there is no fix but a workaround as described above and also here:…/2432041

    If you have installed any higher build after august 2010 CU and recreated the UPA afterwards, you should not get the event error any more.

    But even on following the workaround or KB article, it may occur that after a reboot for example at least once on startup the Event ID 3 gets logged although.

    This is nothing to worry about and is just some "noises in the logs"

    Hth, cheers and happy new year,


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