December 2014 CU for SPS2010/Foundation

Note!  Since July 2014, the release cycle is now every month!  Any CU's published later than June 2013 are Post SP2 updates!
To install this hotfix package, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed
and if installed Language Packs exists, all its respective Service Packs up to latest too!

Read SharePoint 2010 SP2 for more information.
-> Find previous Updates and SP's:  SPS 2010 Build Numbers Cube Sheet

Technical details about the SharePoint 2010 and Office Server 2010 SP2 releases (KB 2687524)
-> Download for the SP2 changes list

SharePoint Server 2010 / SharePoint Foundation 2010 – December 2014 CU

Build:  14.0.7140.5000

(The number sometimes can be slightly different then shown in your central admin page after install, see also here for more!)

  • MSF2010:  KB 2899585 - package for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • SPS2010:  KB 2899583 - The full server package for SharePoint Server 2010 (contains also the MSF2010 fixes)
  • Office Web apps (WAC): KB 2910886
  • Project Server:  KB 2899587

Important notes about the cumulative update package:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 hotfixes are multilingual. This cumulative update package contains updates for all languages.
  • The cumulative update package includes all the server component packages. Additionally, the cumulative update package updates only those components that are installed on the system.

Office Web Apps:
Office Web Apps SP1
Office Web Apps SP2
Office Web Apps Blog:
Apply software updates to Office Web Apps Server -

Project Server:  
General Info on Updates for Project Server 2010

SharePoint Service Packs:
SharePoint 2010 SP1
SharePoint 2010 SP2

Further instructions and information:
After installing the packages, you may be prompted for a reboot of your Server! Please don't forget to run the PSConfig Wizard anyway, even after reboot just to ensure that all updates has been applied completely and successful!
As usual, you can use the command line on each server in Farm: psconfig cmd upgrade inplace b2b -wait

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