Today’s spam

Here’s what’s in my junk mail folder today: What is up with all that? Apparently I sent a payment to myself, I initiated another payment to myself, I am a user of myself who’s received exclusive offers for January, and I received a payment from myself. Wow! Furthermore, an internal discussion group (IPv6) is apparently…


The opt-out from hell

One problem with making your email address available (which I will continue to do, don’t worry) is that folks with something to sell assume you’re interested in their stuff. To wit, let’s consider an email I received today (copied, headers and all, after my griping). Note that if I want to opt out of further…


FanBox: the latest in password scams

Looks like spammers have found yet another way to worm (ha ha) themselves into the computers of the unsuspecting. In my junk email folder this morning, I saw this message: From: Question It [] Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 2:34To: Steve RileySubject: Ratul has asked you a question on FanBox <> Ratul asked you a…


Bogus Microsoft sweepstakes emails

Over the past month I’ve received at least three enquiries from people asking about the legitimacy of emails claiming the recipients have won large amounts of money in a Microsoft sweepstakes or lottery — often 500,000 British pounds. This is an easy question to answer: they’re fake. Recently, someone forwarded me the email. Let’s examine some…


Tell us about the junk email you receive

Another gem in the download center: an Outlook (2003/2007) add-in with which you can report junk email to FrontBridge. Junk E-mail Reporting Tool 1.0 for Outlook The Junk E-mail Reporting Tool submits e-mail to Microsoft when you explicitly choose to do so. If you receive a junk e-mail and want to report it to us…


My blog is not a forum for advertisements

It’s bad enough that the blasted spammers pollute the value of blogs and open forums by hijacking them with their nefarious comments for questionable pharmaceuticals claiming to extend particular body parts. I have recently received, only via private email so far, exhortations to explore mostly unknown security products claiming to magically eliminate a variety of security…


F*#$!@g spam!

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post, and I have some ideas I’ll get to once the prep work for TechEd this year settles down a bit. But look — why in the world do the freaking spammers have to start targetting blogs now? I keep my comments open and unmoderated because…


Cluelessness abounds

So yesterday I received a rather interesting email. Subject: “INFOSEC Scholarships & Fellowships for PhD or MS + Free CISSP Exam Prep Events.” Hm, I didn’t know that “information security” suddenly became an all-caps acronym. How come no one asks me first about these things? Anyway, it purports to come from the University of Fairfax,…


Bug in the book: Appendix C, hosts file

Somehow this escaped our notice during the proof phase, but the hosts file that’s printed in the book (and burned on the CD-ROM) is completely bogus. It actually blocks a number of very good sites that have anti-spyware software and even blocks, the place where you can get a real spyware/adware blocking hosts file….