Passgen tool from my book

Way back in 2005, Jesper Johannson and I wrote Protect Your Windows Network. It’s still available, and although its product set is now somewhat dated (Windows XP and Server 2003), much of the practical advice about security policies, social engineering, security dependencies, and how to think about security remains relevant. That’s because we strove to…


Tools in the proposed consumer security book

Oh, I forgot to mention that we’re planning some tools for the consumer book, too. The first will help you set yourself up as a least-privileged user. It would detect how you’re running now, create an account for managing the system and running games and older application, and then change the privileges of all other…


Idea for second book — "Stay safe online: computer security at home"

Jesper and I are planning a second book. We’ve noticed a distinct dearth of useful, actionable, and non-scare-mongering computer security resources for home users. A few of the books we’ve seen are hopelessly bad, really. Either they rapidly forget their audience and get way too technical, or they indulge in religous arguments, bashing Microsoft for…


Bug in the book: Appendix C, hosts file

Somehow this escaped our notice during the proof phase, but the hosts file that’s printed in the book (and burned on the CD-ROM) is completely bogus. It actually blocks a number of very good sites that have anti-spyware software and even blocks, the place where you can get a real spyware/adware blocking hosts file….


New preorder site

The publisher has posted their own pre-ordering page. Please go here: And if you enter the promotional code JJSR6437, you’ll get a nice discount!


Ready for pre-ordering

Friends, the book is now ready at Amazon for pre-ordering. Here’s the link: Thanks to everyone for all your interest!


The book is getting closer!

For those of you who don’t know, Jesper Johansson and I have been writing a book. It’s called Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data and is published by Addison-Wesley. We finished writing all the chapters a couple months ago; it’s in copy-edit phase now and will hit the streets on 27 May. We’ll be…