Sao Paulo, here I come

I have a new TechEd destination this year: Brazil. It’ll be my first time to speak at our event there; indeed, even my first time to travel to South America. I’m looking forward to it.

The event runs during 14-16 October 2008. I’m delivering the same four presentations I gave at TechEd US (and have used at most other TechEds around the world, too):

  • Do these ten things now or else get 0wn3d!
  • Virtualization and security: what does it mean for me?
  • Privacy: the why, the what, and the how
  • 21st century networking: throw away your medieval gateways

That’s gonna be a crazy week, because I’ll have been in Hong Kong for TechEd there the week prior. I get home from Hong Kong on Saturday, spend the night in Seattle, then on Sunday fly down to Sao Paulo! Oh well, I still love my job 🙂

If you’re headed to TechEd Brazil, be sure to introduce yourself to me after one of my talks. See you soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    JH– Yep, I’ll be there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks everyone! It was indeed a pleasure to meet so many of you. Next year I hope I get the opportunity to explore Sao Paulo more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ColonelBlinky– thanks for coming! But, um, which slides do you mean? I forgot already!

  4. Ricardo - Brasil says:


    I am in São Paulo seeing his talks.

  5. ColonelBlinky says:

    Hope you remembered to take out those slides that you had no idea why you put them there in the first place  😉

    I went to each one of your sessions down here in Sydney, OZ. They were some of the best sessions I attended 🙂



  6. JH says:

    Steve – are you doing Euro Tech Ed in Barcelona this year in early Nov ?

  7. I couldn’t miss the joke, but Rio de Janeiro is way better… Hope you enjoy your stay, São Paulo is good for food and night clubs.

    Kinda refreshing seeing presentations more non vendor centric and back to the basics, most .br folks are sorta tired of it.

    Before I forget, ask to go to a proper barbecue place.

    P.S.: Hope you aren’t vegan

  8. Dick Carlson says:

    Steve Riley, in shorts, on the beach in Brazil.  Now there’s a topic for security concerns.  I’m amazed with all your globe-trotting that you’ve never been to South America.

    About eight years ago I came within two days of a Sao Paulo trip — had all the shots, plane tickets, visas — and then the CEO of our company decided SHE should go and make the presentation instead of me.

    I’ve never gotten over it.

  9. ColonelBlinky says:

    Steve, I think is was the presentation, that had a picture of a chainsaw cutting a cake 🙂  


  10. Eduardo Trombini says:

    congratulations !! your presentation "Do these ten things now or else get 0wn3d!" was awesome .. very good !! i like it !

    see ya in "Virtualization and security: what does it mean for me?"

    thanks for coming!

  11. Edmilson Maciel Barbosa says:

    Parabens Steve vc me mostrou algo que eu nunca consegui ver.

    Apresentation Fantastic.

  12. Elcio Favare says:

    Hi Steve!

    Great Presentations (with capital P on purpose).

    I’ve been working with IT since 1997, and seen many lectures, courses, and so on. But your sessions these days in Brazil were very impressive.

    You really made your points during the sessions in a very clear and passionate way, and was still tough with the technology in a very committed way with the community.

    Thank you very much! , from Sao Paulo, Brazil

  13. Roberto Mascarenhas Braga says:


    I’ve got all your four sessions and you took a great approach to the subjects: it was deeper without being boring. Congrats! Hope to see you here in Brazil in other opportunities!


  14. Thássius V says:

    Congrats! Your talks at TechED 2008 were great. I missed just one.

    Come to Brazil more often to share with us your knowledge 😉

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