Do you need RMS/IRM in Office for Macintosh?

Please let me know if this is a feature you'd be interested in. We're looking to build the business case to develop it, and the best way to do that is for you, our customers, to let us know.

Also, if any of you want to deploy RMS now but can't because there's currently no Mac support, I especially need to know. Thanks!

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  1. Dale says:

    No.  Have not heard of anyone developing an Macintosh SOE either.

  2. alex says:

    Well.. it’s not something that i personally would like to have but unfortunatly i work in an organisation who has a design and a inhouse department working on pretty confidential data on a g.. d… MAC. And i guess there are other organizations like us out there.

    But we are right now trying to convince them to change OS, and one argument in that battle is that we can better protect their drawings on a windows platform with a 3rd party add-on.

  3. Anon says:

    I have never heard it mentioned, however there is little opportunity to try the application. Seeing as it is not available through MSDN. Will that ever change?

  4. Wes Miller says:

    Steve; I would definitely use this. For what it’s worth, after Office 2003 shipped and there was no client for OS X (and Office 2003 under VPC was punishingly slow) it would have been more significant. Today, with VMware or Parallels, it’s almost just as easy to get Office 2007 running under XP and utilize IRM there. Not quite as easy – but nearly. 🙂

  5. Ian Bowman says:

    Just embarking on AD RMS implementation, whilst the lack of support for Mac isn’t stopping us move forward with this, it is high on our list of desirables.

    We work in in a UK Uni environment and I’m specifically in a Medical area where there is a fair amount of macs.

    Side note: I really believe in RMS as a solution but I personally find a distinct lack of information with respect to best practice setups and AD RMS

  6. Chris Lehr says:

    I have several media firms where data is needed to be controlled better, and MacOS is a big part of it.

  7. D. F. says:

    I have seen people moving to Macs in businesses, especially in law offices, and some CAD shops.

    Having IRM/RMS functionality would be a nice feature to ensure that Office documents on the Mac side are as secure as on the Windows side.

  8. paul says:

    We’re very interested in deploying RMS, mainly for protecting e-mail messages.  However, we have small Mac-only user base that wouldn’t be supported (unless we can them all PC, setup virtual machines, or had them user terminal server).  We’re also looking into deploying more iPhones in our organization.  While we can purchase third party RMS clients for BlackBerry, iPhone users are out of luck.

  9. Alexandru Molodoi says:

    Hello Steve,

    We’ve just met an oportunity to deploy RMS for one of our clients, but the main beneficiary of the sollution is the General Manager who’s using a MAC..

    So no RMS for this one.. 🙁

  10. Tim Sullivan says:


    I work for a global manufacturing company where Intellectual Property is very highly prized. The company is very keen to embrace good technologies like DRM that can help us keep that IP safe, but we have 500 users in the Mac studios working on advertising and packaging design to market the great products the company designs and makes – without Mac support for RMS there is no way we’ll use it.

    Instead we have the horribly clunky reality of producing everything in Word, Excel etc and then having to use PDFs and livecycle to manage content rights. That’s a small number of Mac users impacting on the way the much larger number of PC users work.

    Please let’s have RMS for the Mac. Soooon!

  11. Dennis Depp says:

    Yes.Yes YES!!!  I would love to have RMS extended to support Macintosh computers.

  12. Roger Weeks says:

    Yes.  My company is moving to RMS as a requirement and we have quite a number of Mac users.

  13. V says:

    Steve, I work for a large media company, and we are looking at RMS to protect the information our Executive team works with. Unfortunately, a large percentage of our executives use Macs as their only computer. For our company, Mac support is critical in order to purchase the RMS solution; I’m sure many other companies will be in the same boat.


  14. Rob Hardman says:

    Yes please! Cross-platform is beautiful. IRM, when properly deployed, is beautiful. MS should wherever possible ship readers for major flavors of OSes, and full clients for OSes where Office is supported.

  15. Herbys says:

    I have a very large customer that’s very interested in RMS, but their top managers all use Macintosh. Yes, it’s odd, but there’s no way of moving management out of their macs, and that’s blocking lots of technologies, among them RMS which is sorely needed in the current situation.

  16. Luis Vidal says:

    Yes, RMS , IRM its REALLY necesary for Mac, when will it be available??

  17. Ahmad Radaideh says:

    Well, it should be done before not now.

    As you all know that RMS is mainly based on DRM (Digital Right Management) Technology, or more presicely Enterprise-DRM (E-DRM). Apple considered one of the leading companies who started to use DRM technology in Ipod and Itunes.

    But try to avoid the MS-RMS limitations, I did a long research and testing about MS-RMS since it was part of my MSc Summer project.

    Ohhh… by the way, dont forget the SDK, its important for developers.

    Good luck, you any help am ready 🙂

  18. James Babe says:

    Yes,  IRM on a MAC is needed,  Can you through in Iphone too:)  Apart of adoption RMS is a large org is that unless everyone can open it that is supposed to be able to open it you get those…can you resend that message unprotected I can’t open it on my Mac, Just like with PKI.  But with PKI if they know how to use it there is a option to open a PKI message on a MAC and just about every other platform.

  19. Dave says:

    Yes RMS is greatly needed for MAC OS. I work on a large implementation of RMS that was deployed to over 300,000+ seats. The perseption from the Dept is that if it does not work on the same platforms as PKI then RMS may end up begin a short term solution in our Dept.

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