Innovative spam subject lines

Speaking of spam (previous post about Microsoft sweepstakes scams), while trolling through my junk email folder I noticed these today:

  • "You have exactly repeated the views of the immortal Emmanuel on that subject."
  • "The river of time itself consisted for the most part of bright-coloured foreign cars with water spurting up in fountains from under their tyres."
  • "All day sitting down there cursing curses at the dog."
  • "Implement conditional, iterative, and jump flow control statements and arrays."
  • "Bilbo was crossing the floor of the hall."
  • "For some, it would be because they're there."

Wow, we go from obviously identifiable spam because of its crappy grammar to spam that has rather sophisticated, grammatically-correct sentence structure! It's still funny to read, though. My favorite is the second one. I'm imagining some kind of weird Carl Sagan/Cosmos-esque computer graphic moving us through the river of time, from the Big Bang until the present, showing Edsels and Fairlanes shooting water from their wheel wells. Cool!

Oh, for all you code geeks out there: what's a conditional iterative array? 🙂

UPDATED: A couple more. I'll keep adding here for the next few days, for your humorous edification.

Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous says:

    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Steve

    pls no flaming this is my fist post be kind 🙂

    well as far as spam subject line gems go here are a few more for the list.

    Spoffish ??? What does it mean ???

    I picture Borat on acid.

    Nonsensical or hysterical responses will be either ignored or publically displayed.


    Hmm as far as that "conditional iterative array" goes I have know idea what it is.

    But I will try to work it into a conversation with my project team leaders, just to see if it ends up in the weekly project status report 🙂

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