This is a test…this is only a test.

Ah, it's a wonderful Saturday afternoon here in Singapore. I just finished up some customer meetings in Bangkok and Manila this week, and TechEd Asia starts next week in Kuala Lumpur. So I'm hanging out Singapore for the weekend, spending some time with friends and relaxing between events.

Thought I'd give the new Windows Live Writer a try, to see how well it integrates with the Telligent blogging system used by TechNet and MSDN. I'll post this now and take a look at the results.

[...time passes...]

Well waddya know it works! I guess maybe I'll stick with this for a while then. Sure beats the built-in Telligent editor.

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  1. rlim says:

    I just attended your KL TechEd session today (1st day) on Vista. You are my favorite of all speakers being geek-funky looking and all that – I like your style 🙂 Anyway, the outlook of this blog or Telligent blogging system you call it is too plain white and uninteresting. Cya in tomorrow’s session.

  2. steriley says:

    Thanks rlim! It’s good fun.

    Honestly, this is one of the better-looking themes for the Telligent blog system TechNet/MSDN uses. I don’t like silly green or pink backgrounds, and I don’t want to use a theme that has the calendar and stuff on the left — that kind of layout is very difficult to navigate on small devices like handhelds that have tiny screens.

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