Security summits and seminars around the world

Wow! After what seemed like a too-short month off (December), the work has resumed with vigorous intensity. Here are my public appearances in the coming weeks and months:

24 Jan : Beyond the Firewall security seminar in Jakarta
7-8 Feb : I.T. Professional's Conference in Mumbai (Bombay)
27-28 Feb : community gathering and security seminar in Adelaide
1-2 Mar : community gathering and security seminar in Brisbane
6 Mar : community gathering and security seminar in Melbourne
16 Mar : security pre-conference in Taipei
20-24 Mar : TechMentor spring conference in Orlando
28 Mar - 6 Apr : security road show throughout southeast Asia
    28 : Manila
    30 : Bangkok
    4 : Kuala Lumpur
    6 : Jakarta
9-12 Apr : Windows Connections spring conference in Orlando
13 Apr : Security Matters summit in Atlanta
26 Apr : security seminar in Hong Kong
3-5 May : Southeast Asia security roadshow resumes
    3 : Ho Chi Minh City
    5 : Hanoi
8 May : Security Matters summit in New York
10 May : MEDC (Mobile and Embedded DevCon) in Las Vegas
23-24 May : Institute for Applied Network Security forum in Dallas

If you're available when I'm in your city, register and attend the event. It'll be a lot of fun, I promise!

Comments (17)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some dates have changed: we had to move the days for the Southeast Asia roadshow in Viet Nam. Also, I’m

  2. Anonymous says:

    Some dates have changed: we had to move the days for the Southeast Asia roadshow in Viet Nam. Also, I’m…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Two nights ago (Mar 6) I attended the Microsoft Security Interchange event held in Melbourne. It is a…

  4. n00dles says:

    Hey! What’s with leaving Sydney off the list, on Feb 28th!?!?

    See you there…

  5. Dan Halford says:

    I thought you were coming to New Zealand sometime in the next few months, Steve?

  6. MarkP says:

    What, no stop in Cleveland??

  7. Steve Riley says:

    Jesper and I have divided Australia/New Zealand. I’m presenting in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne; Jesper is presenting in Sydney on 7-8 March, Canberra on 9-10 March, and Perth on 13-14 March. We don’t have anything in Sydney on 28 February, n00dles. He’s planning then to go to Auckland, Dan, but the folks there still finalizing the date and venue.

    The Security Matters summits in the US will be in five cities this year: Atlanta on 4/13, Dallas on 4/25, New York on 5/8, Chicago on 5/23, and Detroit on 6/26. I’m speaking in Atlanta and New York, Jesper’s speaking in Dallas and Detroit. MarkP, a registration web site will be up on 1 February, you could sign up for the Detroit show.

  8. Augustinus W. says:

    Hi Steve, like your said be a lot of fun.

    See you again in Jakarta.

  9. eihoward says:

    Are there any plans to visit Latin America cities this year? Panama City, Panama for example (hint…)

  10. n00dles says:

    oh man… I’ve already registered and paid for this… it doesn’t say it’s just Jesper on the website here


    Not that Jesper doesn’t rock, but I do enjoy your tag team seminars.

  11. steriley says:

    n00dles, looks like they forgot to put our names on the domain isolation session. Check my previous comment about how we’ve split the cities.

  12. Paul Bergson says:

    I’m looking for a good conference and have been satisifed with TechEd but would always be open to something new.

    Can anyone provide feedback on TechMentor -vs- TechEd for information provided?

  13. Norman Sasono says:

    Steve my man,

    Looks like Jet Lag is your friend. 🙂 See you again in Jakarta.

    Btw, can you ask Michael Howard to travel as much as you? No one really show the light in term of security from Developer point of view.

  14. Choirul says:

    Hi Steve,

    Can you speak at my SQL Server User Group? We can arrange a user meeting at April 05, around 07.PM at MS Jakarta Office.

  15. Calix says:

    Hi Steve,,, Its was fun listening to you back here in Manila – during the roadshow…

  16. steriley says:

    Yeah, I really wish I could have had more time to explore Manila. Looks like a fun place!

  17. WyattWong says:

    Just attended the Microsoft Security Day seminar in Hong Kong on 26 Apr 2006, it is one of the most enjoyable seminars I have ever had. Thanks so much, Steve.

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