All done for another year: TechEd US 2005

Ah well, antother TechEd has come and gone. These have become my most favorite events — the amount and quality of customer interaction simply increases year after year. You know you guys are really finally starting to understand it all! 🙂 I get better questions that show a higher level of understanding the real problems,…


TechEd US 2005

This year at TechEd I have three sessions. The policy talk is really a lot of fun, I guarantee it’ll make you think! The privacy talk I am co-presenting with my good friend Byron Hynes ( Security policies? Ugh, just give me a firewallStart | Programs | Firewall | Rules | Add rule | Permit…


New column – debunking security myths

There is a lot at stake in security configuration guidance. First, it is easy to understand why people are clamoring for it. Everyone can see the benefit in turning on some setting and blocking an attack. In some environments, doing so is not even an option. A system must be configured in accordance with some…

New preorder site

The publisher has posted their own pre-ordering page. Please go here: And if you enter the promotional code JJSR6437, you’ll get a nice discount!


Ready for pre-ordering

Friends, the book is now ready at Amazon for pre-ordering. Here’s the link: Thanks to everyone for all your interest!


The book is getting closer!

For those of you who don’t know, Jesper Johansson and I have been writing a book. It’s called Protect Your Windows Network: From Perimeter to Data and is published by Addison-Wesley. We finished writing all the chapters a couple months ago; it’s in copy-edit phase now and will hit the streets on 27 May. We’ll be…


New column — The case of the stolen laptop

Seems like once a week I hear from someone worried about stolen laptops — or, worse, just joined the ranks of laptop theft victimhood. The best way to stay out of that club is to keep the thing with you at all times, or leave it in your hotel room when you don’t want to carry…


New column — Using IPsec for network protection

I’m now writing semi-regular articles for TechNet. These are part of the security management series, and they’re also linked from the security newsletter.   The first column is a two-parter about IPsec. Part 1 describes the technology: how it operates, its various modes and methods, a bit on IKE, and how it works over NAT.…


Yes, I’m alive

And am finally gonna start posting some things here, starting with many of my recent presentations. Please see and click the “Presentations” link in the left side column. There you’ll find PPTs for most of the sessions I’ve delivered in the past couple years. If you need something you can’t find, just let me…