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Those of you who've seen me speak at various events know that I like to play my own music before the presentations begin. In industry parlance, this is called "walk-in music." My experience, though, is that many times the music they provide is better described as "walk-in, lie down, and go night-night music"! Think about it: a romantically darkened room, often with the temperature set a bit too warm, a stomach full of lunch (sure, it's conference food, but it's fuel)...

So I bring my own music. Yeah, it's trance music straight out of some of the biggest clubs in the world. But it works! It keeps people awake, energizes them, and is interesting to listen to. Because many of you seem curious about the music, here's a sampling.

  • Chicane: Live from Palladium
    you can get this and many other wonderful mixes from Trance Addict
  • Talla 2XLC: Live at Technoclub SSL
    also from Trance Addict
  • Angels of Trance
    an album of female vocal trance, wonderful stuff
  • Epic Trance Ascension
    ethereral and melodic trance hits
  • Hands to Heaven
    an album full anthems that always gets the dance floor moving
  • House Trancemissions vol. 1
    my first electronic music purchase; fascinating blend of trance and house with soaring melodies and vocals
  • Trance 'n' Bass
    interesting blend of trance and drum-and-bass; on the heavy side
  • 4 Strings: Believe
    good collection of anthems by one of the better trance artists

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  1. Mark says:

    I did wonder if it was you or Jesper who had the good taste in music at Tech-Ed here in New Zealand, Steve.

    Chicane: Live from Palladium is an excellent choice!

  2. steriley says:

    Mine is of course much better than Jesper’s! hehehe

    I like playing mixes with the sound of the dance floor crowd in the background. Seems to make the energy level higher in the seminar room…

  3. RockyH says:

    Excellent choices in there. I’m a big Paul Van Dyk fan myself. My ISP has free Internet radio feeds so I’ve always got the Trace station tuned in. I hadn’t seen Trance Addict before, nice find!

  4. Nick Scotto says:

    Hi Steve,

    Give this CD a try (from Amazon):

    Didgeridoo Trance Dance

    It’s Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo music

    set to Trance. Very primal! If this CD doesn’t wake you up, nothing will!


    Phoenix, AZ

  5. Greg Lipschitz says:

    You may want to try and find yourself a copy of an Aussie band called DiG (Directions in Groove) very very kwel band.

    A fav of mine, Moloko, they just rock, and Roisin Murphy from Moloko has just released her solo album, Ruby Blue, well worth a listen.


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