All done for another year: TechEd US 2005

Ah well, antother TechEd has come and gone. These have become my most favorite events -- the amount and quality of customer interaction simply increases year after year. You know you guys are really finally starting to understand it all! 🙂 I get better questions that show a higher level of understanding the real problems, the threats, and the solutions. It's really wonderful to see.

A deep thanks for all the positive comments in the evaluations. It humbles me to know that you truly appreciate the work I'm doing; you should know that I'm doing it for you.

I've posted all my PowerPoint decks, including the Sunday pre-conference, on my web site. You can find them here. Feel free to reuse whatever materials you'd like in presentations of your own. Enjoy, and be sure to let me know if you have any questions.

Comments (2)

  1. Brian Hoyt says:

    I know it is part of your job and all, but thanks for coming out and presenting and answering all the questions. The session with you and Jesper should be required viewing for anyone who develops or manages a computer. It was fun too of course.

  2. You’re welcome…we totally enjoy doing this! The most rewarding part is when we get emails a few months later. "Hey I did what you suggested, and it made my pain go away." Now that’s truly cool.

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