Downloading IE 8 Helps to Feed Hungry Americans



Microsoft has announced that for every completed download of Internet Explorer 8, they will donate the financial equivalent of eight meals to the Feeding America network.

The campaign is called "Browser for the Better," and runs from June 10 and August 8. Only IE8 downloads from the specific "Browser for the Better" website will count. Microsoft will be donating $1.15 (their reported financial equivalent of eight meals) per download, to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Feeding America is the leading domestic hunger-relief charity in the U.S and provides services for more than 25 million low-income individuals. They distribute 2 billion pounds of donated food per year.

Actor Dean Cain is also involved in the campaign starring in a series of viral videos directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. These videos can be found on the "Browser for the Better" website, accessible by the panel on the right side labeled "F.O.M.S: Fear Of Missing Something". The videos are shorts which tout the features of IE8 and how it can solve many web-related maladies.

(Information courtesy of Microsoft and NeoWin)
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