[GPS] DB Update and minor bug fixes for the Group Policy Search

Just a short headsup for some news about the Group Policy Search:

I just have updated the DB to support the following products:

There are also some minor bug fixes (not worth mentioning) in the backend and the frontend.

You might have noticed that the suggestions now are async – this behavior was a very old leftover from the bad old times! Zwinkerndes Smiley 
And the index for the suggestion is not yet updated with the new data, this will happen over time. As well as the reg tree view is not yet updated (this is a feature which is not used often, but I will try to update it in the next days)

For the sake of databandwidth I minimized the JS and moved most of the styles in css files (should have done this years before! Engel )


Last but not least the favicon is now in high res, so that it is better looking when pinned to the taskbar or the Windows 8 startmenu.


I didn’t have a lot time for testing the changes in the DB – if you notice any issues, please comment in this post or send me a mail using the “Email Blog author”.

Please don’t forget that this project is maintained in my spare time, so that there is no support guaranteed and of course there is no SLA available! Zwinkerndes Smiley


Take care!



P.S.: I have a good idea for a GPS UI as Windows Store App, as soon as I have the time, I will start creating the store app, stay tuned!

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