SQL Playback Programm – Ihre Workload als Test für zukünftige SQL Server Versionen

Bernd Heiler hat mich gebeten, dies zu posten:

Program Overview
The SQL Server Playback Program gives the Microsoft SQL Server team the opportunity to test customer workloads against early builds of SQL Server and makes a huge contribution to product quality. A backup of the production database and a synchronized SQL trace are supplied by the customer and then the SQL Test Team replays this SQL trace on future versions (internal builds) of SQL Server for regression testing purposes – this allows us to trap problems before any major release.
The benefits to participants of this program is that their typical workload will be used for testing future versions of SQL Server thus ensuring a high quality product with fewer integration and performances issues.
Who Should Participate?
Companies that make use of complex queries, have a mixed workload, or who are pushing the limits of SQL Server will gain most from this program.   ISV Partners will also get benefits as participation should decrease any integration issues with new SQL Server Release. Participation costs absolutely nothing!
The program participant will commit to providing a backup & trace of their Production Database and workload.  Microsoft will exchange an NDA agreement with customers that will secure their Data for this programs use only.
Joining the Program
Please contact bernd.heiler @microsoft.com for copies of the SQL Server Playback Instructions or any additional questions!



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