Failing OM2012 Gateway Server installation

This week I needed to install a OM2012 Gateway Server in my demo environment (Windows Server 2012 standard) and the installation was failing with the following error.   After adding the .NET Framework 3.5 using PowerShell the installation was successful.  


Compare two different csv files using PowerShell

Today I needed to compare two csv files with results from SQL queries from the OperationsManager database and the OperationsManagerDW database. I run the SQL queries on both OperationsManager databases and saved the result to a csv file. Now I needed to quickly compare the results from both csv files, and what better way than…


Checking dll version of updated files after installation of hotfixes

Today I was troubleshooting an OpsMgr Issue what seemed to be caused by using the wrong MOMIISModules.dll. On some servers we saw the next OpsMgr EventID’s popping up: Log Name: Operations Manager Source: HealthService Date: 28-9-2010 10:12:55 Event ID: 4507 Task Category: Health Service Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: servername1.customer.corp Description:Creation of module…


Basic Troubleshooting Discovery Script (follow up on Kevin’s Post)

This week I’m having a MP Authoring Workshop from Brian Wren in the UK and one of the modules of this workshop is Discovery. And to my surprise Kevin Holman published a blog post on Basic troubleshooting of discovery script yesterday. It’s a good start but I’ve some more help on troubleshooting a Discovery script….


Everything you wanted to know about OpsMgr Data Warehouse Grooming but were afraid to ask

I know there are already quite some other blog posts about OpsMgr Data Warehouse Grooming.  But I was helping a customer with grooming their OpsMgr Data Warehouse Database (OperationsManagerdw) and got some questions. And you may have the same questions but you are afraid to ask 😉 How can I change the Grooming settings for…


Microsoft Technet: Tip: Uncover Memory-Related Bottlenecks

Source: Microsoft Technet “Memory is often the source of performance problems, and you should always rule out memory problems before examining other areas of the system. Systems use both physical and virtual memory. To rule out memory problems with a system, you should configure application performance, memory usage, and data throughput settings, and then monitor…


Audio / Video from the January 2009 SCVUG Meeting

Source: System Center Forum Today I was watching the latest recording of the January 2009 SCUG Meeting and to my surprise I was seeing some info about Debugging Scripts which I blogged about some time ago.    So if you didn’t had time to join the livemeeting go download the recording. Below are the starting…


Using SQL Nexus to troubleshoot OpsMgr SQL Server performance issues

SQL Nexus is a tool that helps you identify the root cause of SQL Server performance issues. It loads and analyzes performance data collected by SQLDiag and PSSDiag. It can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend manually analyzing data. With the RML Utilities you can answer questions such as the following: Which application,…


Debugging OpsMgr Scripts

One of the great advantages of OpsMgr 2007 against MOM 2005 is that you can easily test OpsMgr 2007 scripts from the command prompt. Just go to the C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Health Service State and open a command prompt. Type DIR /B /S *.vbs and you find all the scripts that are used…


Answer: Operations Manager Authoring questions from SQLBatman

I saw a question of SQLBatman about Operations Manager Authoring. Here my attempt to answer those questions. Q: Referenced MP could not be found A: Search on your (Root) Management Server for *.mp files and copy all these files to one directory, like c:\Mps.  If your Authoring Console is on another machine then your (Root)…