Everything you wanted to know about OpsMgr Data Warehouse Grooming but were afraid to ask

I know there are already quite some other blog posts about OpsMgr Data Warehouse Grooming.  But I was helping a customer with grooming their OpsMgr Data Warehouse Database (OperationsManagerdw) and got some questions. And you may have the same questions but you are afraid to ask 😉 How can I change the Grooming settings for…


My Operations Manager 2007 SQL Queries

Jonathan Almquist started a blog post about Operations Manager 2007 SQL Queries. “I’m starting a new post here, similar to my Command Shell reference.  This will include some useful SQL queries that I happen to need and direct my customers to on a daily basis.  If you don’t see something here, check Kevin Holman’s blog. …


Reblog: Using Operations Manager Reports to Validate Your Uptime

Source: Simple-Talk Thomas LaRock has written an article about using OpsMgr Reports to Validate (your SQL components) uptime. Check it out. You can also follow Thomas LaRock (@sqlbatman) on Twitter if you want.

Designing a new Report for OpsMgr 2007

Some time ago Jonathan Hambrook has written an article about Designing a new Report in SCOM 2007. Although this is great article you need to have some prerequisites ready to get started with Designing your new OpsMgr 2007 Reports. Here are the prerequisites: Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (Express) SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio…