OpsMgr (Custom) Reporting Links

Yesterday I was at a customer explaining OpsMgr Reporting and how they could start creating custom OpsMgr Reports. They told me they had trouble finding information about creating OpsMgr Reports so I created a list with all the information I had been saving in OneNote. And I thought it would be a good idea to…


The OperationsManagerDW Schema

Today I got an internal email telling me that there is new Reporting Documentation for OpsMgr on Microsoft Technet. And I also got a question about information about the SQL Schema’s of the OpsMgr Databases. In the past I’ve blogged about a tool (SqlSpec) that could help finding the Database Schema for OpsMgr databases. You…


Reblog: QuickTricks – Select/unselect all in Reports

Source: System Center Central  I just found this QuickTrick on System Center Central and I could not believe I didn’t know this trick… If you want to Select All or Unselect all in some of the Report Parameters boxes you can just right-click and there it is. Let’s take a look at the Overrides Report…


OpsMgr Custom Reporting Tips & Tricks

Lately I’ve been busy creating some OpsMgr Custom Reports for customers and wanted to share some tips & tricks for creating custom OpsMgr Reports. Hope you can use them in your own custom OpsMgr Reports. First some background info on what to use for creating Custom OpsMgr Reports. What do I need for creating Custom…


User Logon Time Report for Operations Manager 2007

A customer was asking for some information about the time it took for users to logon on their Terminal Server hosted Windows Desktops. Luckily there were two eventID’s created during the logon process.  And if you calculate the time between those eventID’s then you have some insight in the Logon time for a user. When…


Securing OpsMgr Reports in OpsMgr 2007 SP1

Today I got a question about retrieving the GUID for a newly created OpsMgr  Report Operator User Role in OpsMgr 2007 SP1. When I asked why they wanted to know the GUID for this new Report Operator User Role they answered they needed this GUID on the Report Server for configuring permissions to certain reports….


Adding Report Details to your Custom OpsMgr Report

So you finally created that super cool custom report in OpsMgr and you want to add all the info necessary to run the report correctly. But how do you do that? If you use the MP Authoring Tool you have the option to add a Description. If you open the MP xml file you can…


Tip on Custom OpsMgr Report Parameters

Sorry for not posting any new OpsMgr posts lately, but I’m just too busy right now. Hopefully I’ve some more time in the future, because I’ve quite some things to blog about. But today I was creating a Custom OpsMgr Report in Microsoft Visual Studio for a customer and needed to have some Default Parameters…


Reblog: Using Operations Manager Reports to Validate Your Uptime

Source: Simple-Talk Thomas LaRock has written an article about using OpsMgr Reports to Validate (your SQL components) uptime. Check it out. You can also follow Thomas LaRock (@sqlbatman) on Twitter if you want.


Designing a new Report for OpsMgr 2007

Some time ago Jonathan Hambrook has written an article about Designing a new Report in SCOM 2007. Although this is great article you need to have some prerequisites ready to get started with Designing your new OpsMgr 2007 Reports. Here are the prerequisites: Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (Express) SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio…