OpsMgr 2012 R2 new PowerShell Cmdlets

Because I’m pretty busy lately I’ve not been able to blog about the new OpsMgr 2012 R2 Cmdlets, but check Stefan Roth’s blogpost about this subject. Keep up the great work Stefan!

Update: List of latest cumulative update releases for Operations Manager

This article lists all latest cumulative updates that were released for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. I created this overview to easily find the latest Update Rollups for all the different versions of Operations Manager. Hope you also like this overview. Cumulative Updates Overview Windows Agents OpsMgr Version Latest Cummulative Update with patches for OpsMgr…


Windows Phone Push Notifications for your OpsMgr Alerts – Part 1

Did you know you can easily create your own Windows Phone Push Notifications using the Notify My Windows Phone app? NMWP is a platform that helps you push information to virtually any Windows Phone 7 (and 8) device you own. What do you need to get started? Windows Phone 7 or 8 The NMWP app…


Update: Put OM2012 Computer Group Members in Maintenance Mode with PowerShell

I finally found out the issue why this script was not working for everybody. It was because of the different versions of PowerShell. Now it should also work on PowerShell v2. Another possible fix to the empty ComputerGroupsMembernames issue. Last week I saw a request for a PowerShell script which would put all the members…


QuickTrick: Adding AdtAdmin tool path to environment path variable

Today I installed Audit Collection Services (ACS) in my demo environment and after installing the ACS Collector and ACS Forwarder I wanted to start the AdtAdmin.exe tool. But where is AdtAdmin.exe installed? And how do I run it next time from any location I’m in my (PowerShell) Command prompt? AdtAdmin.exe is installed in: C:\Windows\System32\Security\AdtServer folder….


New KBArticle: Understanding Operations Manager Maintenance Mode

Yesterday we published a new KBArticle about Operations Manager Maintenance Mode. It explains everything you want to know about Maintenance Mode.   What is Maintenance Mode? Maintenance mode is a feature in Operations Manager to suspend monitoring of an object during regular software or hardware maintenance activities like Software Update installations, Hardware replacements, etc.  …


How to find out what’s new in OM12 for PowerShell

This week I started to play with Windows 8 and of course one of the first things I looked for was PowerShell 3.0 And then I found a great blogpost on the PowerShellMagazine website by Shay Levy where he shows how find all the changes between the two versions of PowerShell (v2 and v3). That’s…