New tool for MP Authoring

As may or may not have read on the MP Author website Microsoft has decided to partner with Silect to create a MP Authoring tool targeted to IT Pros. This tool is called MP Author and is completely free for all System Center Customers and will be the tool we recommend to IT Pros who…


First look at Dell’s Mobile IT solution with Operations Manager Mobile Pack

Today I listened to the 252st Episode of the  PowerScripting Podcast with Chris Ashley and Dmitry Petrashev from Dell on Mobile IT and PowerGui and wanted to test their Mobile IT Solution with System Center Operations Manager. According to their website Mobile IT makes it easy to provide secure, easy-to-use, mobile access to everyday applications…


Update: List of latest cumulative update releases for Operations Manager

This article lists all latest cumulative updates that were released for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. I created this overview to easily find the latest Update Rollups for all the different versions of Operations Manager. Hope you also like this overview. Cumulative Updates Overview Windows Agents OpsMgr Version Latest Cummulative Update with patches for OpsMgr…


Failing OM2012 Gateway Server installation

This week I needed to install a OM2012 Gateway Server in my demo environment (Windows Server 2012 standard) and the installation was failing with the following error.   After adding the .NET Framework 3.5 using PowerShell the installation was successful.  


New OM2012 PowerShell Function (Remove-SCOMRule)

Today I got a question from my fellow Premier Field Engineer Anders Bengtsson if I could help him with an OpsMgr PowerShell script he was creating for an Orchestrator Runbook he started to create. And while waiting for a PowerShell workshop I was about to deliver I booted my OM2012 servers and had a look…


Retrieving Management Pack Reference Aliases using PowerShell

Today I was playing around with some MP Authoring automation using PowerShell and I needed to retrieve the Management Pack Reference Alias within a Management Pack. If you export a Management Pack to XML using the Get-SCOMManagementPack Cmdlet you can view the XML file and its contents. Get-SCOMManagementPack -Name Stefan.Test.MP | Export-SCOMManagementPack -Path c:\temp If…


Retrieving the network devices being monitored by OM2012 using PowerShell

Today I got a question from a co-worker about retrieving the monitored network devices by OM2012 using PowerShell. For Agents it’s pretty simple, you just use the Get-SCOMAgent Cmdlet and you have a nice overview of the Agents being monitored by OM2012. But which Cmdlet should you use to get an overview of the monitored…


Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 Service Pack 1

There is a new Update Rollup 1 for System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 available for System Center 2012 Service Pack 1. Issues that are fixed in Update Rollup 1 App Controller (KB2790935) Issue 1 Copying a .vhd file between Windows Azure storage accounts may be unsuccessful, and you receive a "Retrieved data is complete"…


Windows Phone Push Notifications for your OpsMgr Alerts – Part 2

This is part 2 in a two blog post series about configuring Windows Phone Push Notifications for OpsMgr 2012. Please read blog post part 1 first, if you have not read this. Disclamer: I’ve this only tested on OM2012 SP1 and you need PowerShell v3 to have the script working. In this blog post we…


Installing a new OpsMgr 2012 (SP1) environment the fast way

Some days ago I read a blog post from Bjorn Houben called SCOM2012 – Quick test lab setup OpsMgr 2012 SP1 Beta using prepared VHD. In that blog post he described how he had used the pre-configured System Center 2012 SP1 Beta downloadable evaluation VHDs to quickly install a test lab setup for OpsMgr 2012…