Simplifying Management Pack Deployment For System Center Operations Manager

Source: Silect email This week I received an email from Silect about  Simplifying Management Pack Deployment For System Center Operations Manager. You can download this free whitepaper from their website. In this free whitepaper, you will learn how to more effectively plan your Operations Manager Deployment as well as best practices to consider throughout the…


Reblog: Operator Basics: getting started with Operations Manager

Source: Words and Software I case you maybe missed this blog. Jeanie Decker is announcing that the  Operator Basics SuperFlow for Operations Manager 2007 is available for download! “Superflow, you wonder? Configuration Manager pioneered this format for delivering information. It provides a complete set of content, which can include videos and animations and interactivity, in…


Online documentation on Authoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2

Now the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Authoring Resource Kit has been released you may want to know more about Authoring in OpsMgr 2007 R2. Did you know you can find all that info on Microsoft TechNet? Check them out!


Updated IPD guide for System Center Operations Manager

There is an updated version of the Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for OpsMgr and Windows Deployment Services. The Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager outlines the critical infrastructure design elements that are crucial to a successful implementation of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. The guide takes the reader step-by-step…


Creating a SysInternals PSExec Console Task for OpsMgr 2007

Pete Zerger wrote an article about creating a Console Task to launch a Remote Interactive CmdPrompt for MOM 2005 using PSExec. A customer asked if this also could be done for OpsMgr 2007, this was not as easy as I thought. It turned out that an extra space is added before the servername where psexec…


New Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 Documentation

Source: Microsoft Download Center Quick Details Version: 1.7 Date Published: 12/19/2008 Language: English Download Size: 221 KB – 5.4 MB* *Download size depends on selected download components. Overview This download contains the following documentation for System Center Operations Manager 2007: Operations Manager 2007 Operations Guide: This guide is a comprehensive resource that can be used…


Generating an Alert after service being stopped n-times within certain time

Scenario: The Windows NT Service of a buggy application crashes regularly and is restarted automatically with an Recovery Task. You only want to receive an Alert if this happens n-times within a specified time. Steps: Create a Basic Service Monitor which does not generate an Alert. Create a Recovery Task for the Basic Service Monitor…


Monitoring Exchange 2007 With System Center Operations Manager 2007 (Part 1) on

Source: Rui Silva has written an configuration guide for monitoring Exchange Server 2007 with System Center Operations Manager (OpsMgr) 2007 on This is part 1 of this 4-part series. On part 2 they will cover how to enable certificate based authentication for the agent running on the Edge server, since this server is…


Un-trusted domain and DMZ monitoring Guide update

Source: Wally’s weblog My good friend and former colleague has updated his Un-trusted domain and DMZ monitoring Guide. “The previous guide was for Server 2003 and un-trusted domain or workgroup servers with a standalone CA. I’ve added the scenarios for Server 2008 with an Enterprise Root CA for both un-trusted domains and DMZ servers. One…


Technet Magazine Nov. 2008: Monitoring Windows Server 2008 with OpsMgr 2007

Source: Technet Magazine Blog The November 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online. FEATURE ARTICLES                                                                  Monitoring Windows Server 2008 with OpsMgr 2007 As you deploy Windows Server 2008 into your environment, you’ll need a way to manage and monitor its health, performance, and availability. Fortunately, you can  use the existing System Center…