Using the Azure ARM REST API – Get Subscription Information

In the fist blog post over using the Azure ARM REST API I explained how to retrieve the Access Token needed for the further authentication against the Azure ARM REST API. In this blog post I’m going to explain how you can use that Access Token and start communicating with Azure using simple web calls….


Using the Azure ARM REST API – Get Access Token

This week I’ve been busy with trying to figure out how you can ‘directly’ talk to the Azure ARM REST API instead of using PowerShell or the Azure CLI. Because I could not find a lot of information about this topic online I thought it would nice to share some of learnings. But why would…


Setting up Source Control for Azure Automation

Did you already noticed that you can now setup Source Control for your Azure Automation account? Check the new Azure Portal and go to your Automation Account.   Create Github Repository Before we start we need to have a Github Repository to store our Azure Automation Runbooks.     The next step in setting up…


Using ARM Policies to implement Runbook Best Practices

Have you ever heard of Azure Resource Manager Policies? With policies, you can prevent users in your organization from breaking conventions that are needed to manage your organizations resources. One of the scenarios where you can use policies is making sure that tags are being added to your resources (ie Runbooks) or that a certain…


Developing Azure Automation Runbooks–using correct modules

When developing Runbooks for Azure Automation I noticed that it’s important to use the same (Global) PowerShell Module versions as available as Asset in Azure Automation. But let’s first talk about Azure  Automation Assets a bit more. Automation Assets Automation Assets are various resources that are globally available to be used in or associated with…


Using Verbose messages in Azure Automation Runbooks

While developing PowerShell scripts I like to add Verbose messages to my scripts. If you want to find more information about Write-Verbose check this TechNet webpage. But how can use Write-Verbose messages in your Azure Automation Runbooks? There are two ways to have Verbose messages being shown when running your Azure Automation Runbooks: Change the…


Call Word vba Macro from PowerShell

This week I was asked to help with removing tables in a large Word (docx) document when tables contained some string value in one of there cells from PowerShell. I looked at many options to manipulate Word documents from PowerShell but none of them offered any help doing that directly. I ended up creating a…


Re-blog: Collecting Microsoft Band Data in OMS Using PowerShell in OpsMgr

This blog post references a blog post from one of my PFE collegues Wei Hao Lim. He used my PowerShell Microsoft Health Module to collect Microsoft Band Data in OMS. How cool is that? Check out his complete blog post on: Enjoy!