Documenting your OperationsManager Database? Use SqlSpec!

Today I stumbled on a great tool for documenting your database SqlSpec 3.7 from Elsasoft. SqlSpec will generate easy-to-read database documentation for any of the following platforms: SQL Server 2000, 2005, and above Analysis Server 2005 Oracle 9i and above DB2 8.2 and above Sybase ASE 12.0 and above Informix IDS 10.0 and above PostgreSQL…

Rule and Monitor Targeting Best Practices Poster

Below is a link to a targeting poster that we have created to help select the proper targets when creating rules and monitors. The poster illustrates some of the most common scenarios and provides best practices on how to properly target rules and monitors.


OpsMgr 2007 RTM and SP1 RC command line parameters (Complete List)

Source: Operations Manager Product Team Blog "Below is the complete list of all the command line parameters for OpsMgr 2007 server roles including Audit Collection. And the command line parameters for upgrading to Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate (RC) Agent – (MOMAgent.msi) msiexec.exe /i \\path\Directory\MOMAgent.msi /qn /l*v \logs\MOMAgent_install.log USE_SETTINGS_FROM_AD=0 MANAGEMENT_GROUP=<MG_Name> MANAGEMENT_SERVER_DNS=<MSDNSName> ACTIONS_USE_COMPUTER_ACCOUNT=0 ACTIONSUSER=<AccountUser> ACTIONSDOMAIN=<AccountDomain>…